Introducing You To Shree Shyam's Duct Air Coolers

Introducing the future of cooling innovation, Duct Air Coolers by Shree Shyam Cooler. Revolutionizing the way you experience comfort, our duct air coolers are engineered to deliver unparalleled cooling performance throughout your entire living or working space. Say goodbye to traditional cooling methods and welcome a new era of efficiency, where cool, refreshing air is distributed evenly and effortlessly through ducts, ensuring every corner is enveloped in comfort. Experience the power of advanced technology combined with sleek design, as our duct air coolers seamlessly integrate into your interior, enhancing aesthetics while providing exceptional cooling comfort. Step into a world where heat is no longer a concern, and embrace the refreshing breeze of innovation with Shree Shyam Cooler’s Duct Air Coolers.

Duct Air Cooler


Shree Shyam's Ducting, Where Innovation Meets Air

An ingenious solution for enhanced cooling Ducting for Air Coolers. Picture a world where cool, revitalizing air flows seamlessly through specially designed ducts, dispersing evenly throughout your entire living or workspace. With ducting, gone are the days of localized cooling – instead, embrace a holistic approach to comfort where every corner is enveloped in refreshing coolness. Our ducting system represents the pinnacle of efficiency and innovation, ensuring optimal airflow distribution for unparalleled comfort. Say farewell to uneven temperatures and welcome a new era of balanced, consistent cooling. Experience the transformative power of ducting for air coolers by Shree Shyam Cooler – where innovation meets comfort to redefine your cooling experience

Product Specification

10 pro13 pro15 pro18 pro30 pro
1.Weight74 kg83 kg83 kg106 kg83 kg
2.Coverage Area1000 sq.ft1300 sq.ft1500 sq.ft1800 sq.ft1300 sq.ft
3.Machine (Ton)10 Ton13 Ton15 Ton18 Ton13 Ton
4.CFM 10000 CFM13000 CFM15000 CFM18000 CFM13000 CFM
5.12 Speed12 Speed12 Speed12 Speed12 Speed12 Speed
6.Power Speed230 V, 1PH, 50 HZ415 V, 3PH, 50 HZ415 V, 3PH, 50 HZ415 V, 3PH, 50 HZ415 V, 3PH, 50 HZ
7.Per Hour Power Consumption1700w2060w2440w3300w2060w
8.No. Of Compressors22222
9.Size(L x W x H)3.6ft x 3.6ft x 3.6ft 3.8ft x 3.8ft x 3.8ft 3.8ft x 3.8ft x 3.8ft 4ft x 4ft x 4ft 4.4ft x 4.4ft x 4.4ft

Working Of Duct Air Cooler


  • Copper winded motor offers long life to the motors
  • Aluminum housing keeps motor cool even during continuous
  • Air tight housing protects the motor from moisture

Free Flow Water Distributor

  • An advanced water distribution system
  • Deliver Continuous even water coverage to the cooling pads for maximun cooling

Long-Life Cooling Pads

  • New and improved Pad Technology
  • Design to ensure maximum saturation levels and therefore maximum cooling efficiency
  • Self cleaning system: Dust and unwanted particals are captured on pads, washed away and drained off by the flow of water
  • Dust filter cleans the air to make environment dust free and protects the cooling pads

Control Box

  • Water resistant design prptects the circuit from water penetration
  • Transmits appropriate cooling to electronic circuit with aluminum heat sinks

Water Manager System

  • Electronic drain valves ampties the reservoirs automatically when system is not in use, leave it clean and dry
  • Digital water sensor ensures the system is operating at maximum efficiency, while using the minimum amount of water 
  • Float valves insures proper water supply to the cooler 


fan image1
  • Unique design of blades offers optimum airflow even in minimun fan rotation 
  • Made of electroplated rust free metal and heavy duty industrial polypropylene

Water Pump

  • New elevated design protects the motor from water 
  • Exceptional reliability in the most extreme conditions